Inspired Dining IN with Stong’s Market

Aren’t we ALL ‘dining in’ more these days?! The pandemic reminded me how much I love just being HOME for dinner. I’m proud to work as a #stongspartner for Stong’s Market to inspire YOUR cooking at home!

alison kent the home kitchen watercolor painting of thyme leaf branches

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While the recent pandemic was wrought with all kinds of chaos, there have most certainly also been b l e s s i n g s ! Not the least of which is a reminder that, even though we can venture further and further out now, we actually love being HOME more. Who else was in some real (expensive!) spiraling habits of eating out too much pre-COVID, largely just because it seemed more convenient?!

Supporting Local

Restaurants, too, had to re-adjust how they feed people. In order to adapt for more ‘dining in’, many of our local favorites THANKFULLY started putting their best sauces and other ingredients into packaged offerings to be found at the grocery stores. I was thrilled recently to find a great selection of new – and long-standing – places filled ‘LOCAL BC’ racks at Stong’s Market, along with a variety of ready-to-use commissary goods such as:

Many of these ‘LOCAL BC’ gems can also be ordered online >

ONLINE Ordering – delivered to your Home for that Restaurant Experience!

Inspired Eating

With such a rich, local offering to choose from, it’s great to wander the aisles of a grocery store like Stong’s and get inspired. I let the food tell me what to cook!

I let the FOOD tell me what to cook!

What’s in season? What’s new? What haven’t I tried before? I spied some great yums on a recent trip there, and have been wanting to perfect a ‘Sous Vide Chicken Breast’ I’d had in a restaurant awhile back. After a few inspirational journeys down the aisles, a Dinner Menu was created.

Sous Vide Herbed Chicken Breast

Herbed Butter Leaf Salad
(an adaptable fave from Chef
Thomas Keller)

Grilled Local Vegetables w Herb Sauce

Stong’s Sangria

JUNE 2021 – the Home Kitchen for Stong’s Market

I’ll Walk You Through It …

Let me walk you through the aisles! And don’t miss the Recipes!

Search + Rescue Marketing for Stong’s Market


How do YOU like to get inspiration when cooking for Dinners IN?

Combining what you experience when eating out at a local restaurant, something delicious you saw on Instagram, and a walk down the aisles, you can also come up with some great twists, new flavors and interesting takes on old recipes.
AND > Don’t forget to add in some fresh garden treats, too!

Go for a Walk – through Stong’s!

It’s your turn to walk the aisles of your favorite local grocery store, and here’s a re-cap of TIPS & TRICKS for getting inspired to try something new. As you walk the aisles, don’t just gravitate towards your ‘usuals’ – let your imagination wander and your senses be inspired! Try thinking through these questions as you consider your next meals :

What’s in Season / Fresh?

What’s New I’ve never tried before?

What’s Local to Try out / Support?

What did I last enjoy eating out that I might try to cook?

What looks Delicious?

What favorite Recipe can I try new Ways to Cook with?

JUNE 2021 – the Home Kitchen for Stong’s Market

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What has inspired you lately?
What did you try that’s NEW?
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alison kent the home kitchen watercolor painting of thyme leaf branches