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alison kent the home kitchen watercolor painting of thyme leaf branches

Looking for a Place to Start in Composing Your Best Kitchen?

It’s an oft-used phrase, but the Kitchen – YOUR Kitchen – really is the heart of your home. It’s also the most expensive room in the house, and the most used. So, it should WORK, should it not? This ‘room of all rooms’ should function and flow – AND still be beautiful enough to want to spend time in.

Are you looking to Renovate or Build New a Kitchen this year? You found the best place to start. I’d love to help!! I’m bringing all my years of Architecture, Art, Interiors & Culinary experience to focus on KITCHENS and it’s absolutely the best. I feel like the past has always been leading me here, to create incredible Kitchens for you!

Coming Soon!

alison kent the home kitchen watercolor painting of thyme leaf branches

Extra TIPS & Helpful Information

I’ve pulled together some of my favorite Instagram LIVES, produced videos and anything that might help you end up with the best Kitchen possible.

Kitchen Design with the Home Kitchen

Helpful Posts & Videos on Kitchen Design
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Midland Appliances

We’re starting our conversations about Appliances with uber-knowledgeable Stephan Byns of Midland Appliances

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It’s no secret I love my new Range! I took a chance on a lesser-known piece, and it really paid off. Wonder what it’s all about?

Conversations with Dan Nichol of Caliber Appliances
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Without the budget for a fully customized Kitchen, I had two choices – ALL Ikea, or a gorgeous hybrid of Ikea & Switchdoor. Here are some details!

Conversations with Robert Blakemore of SwitchDoor
SwitchDoor Videos

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