RECIPES | Herbed Chicken + Vegetables & Stong’s Sangria

Aren’t we ALL ‘dining in’ more these days?! The pandemic reminded me how much I love just being HOME for dinner. I’m proud to work as a #stongspartner with Stong’s Market to inspire YOUR cooking at home!

alison kent the home kitchen watercolor painting of thyme leaf branches

Did you catch the previous post with Stong’s Market?!
It’s ALL about being INSPIRED!

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Inspired Dinner IN with Stong’s Market

It’s summer, and a certain ‘hands off’ element certainly played into this menu. I love using the Sous Vide for such times – but also for tricky Veg or Proteins like Chicken Breast that can easily overcook to an unsavory toughness.

Oven roasted Vegetables can quickly be tossed in simple Olive Oil, Lemon Rind, Salt/Pepper – and whatever else you have on hand – and left to cook on their own with minimal watching eyes. Adding in a harder Feta while cooking, or a softer one after cooking, brings a salty loveliness to the Veg.

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Herbs are sold in BIG BUNCHES but are rarely used in the same quantity. These recipes are perfect for using not only the various Herbs, but also the STEMS! Waste not! When I’m buying Herbs, I try to quickly puree the leftovers to capture them at their freshest.

I LOVE Thomas Keller’s Herbed Salad – it’s so very easy, AND easily adaptable to whatever you have on hand, in the garden, etc. For this dinner I used Tickled Pink pickled Red Onions, cut Herbs off my bunches, and even some flowers and extra Herbs out of the Garden. The trick? Use the ‘growing lettuce’ in the clamshell, and re-plant the stalk/stem/roots after for ONGOING lettuce! It’s the gift that keeps on giving haha. I noticed a number of ‘growing Herbs’ in their own containers at Stong’s, which makes the Gardener in me so very happy.

Remember when I talked about being INSPIRED by walking through the local grocery aisles in Stong’s Market? I had nary a thought to accompanying beverages, but once I saw the fresh local juices and a craving for sparkling Lemonade – BOOM – magic was born.

Sous Vide Herbed Chicken Breast

Herbed Butter Leaf Salad
(an adaptable fave from Chef
Thomas Keller)

Grilled Local Vegetables w Herb Sauce

Stong’s Sangria Mocktail

the Home Kitchen for Stong’s Market

Ready to Get Cookin’?!

This dinner is even easier to make with pre-frozen Herb Puree and Chicken with stems. Mix it up with your favorite flavors, extra spices, a kick of wine vinegar, or ??! Let me know where your imagination takes YOU!

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alison kent the home kitchen watercolor painting of thyme leaf branches

The Sous Vide

Sous Vides – or precision cooking in vacuum sealed bags – isn’t just for fancy schmancy Restaurants anymore. You can purchase a Sous Vide in just about any store with cooking gear, and they are REALLY VERY HANDY!

I mostly use mine for Chicken Breast because I hate dried out, stringy meat. The Sous Vide will keep the Chicken – and herbs – at the perfect temperature to have killed any bacteria but still keep the Chicken as moist and juicy as possible.

You can Sous Vide on the stovetop in boiling water, but it takes constant attention to the Thermometer to not overcook it. A good challenge, though! Good luck!

alison kent the home kitchen watercolor painting of thyme leaf branches