Whether you need a little helping hand or complete assistance, we’re here to help get your Kitchen working FOR you with Kitchen Design Consultations!

kitchen designed by the home kitchen to book 1hr kitchen design consultation for your dream kitchen

Where to Begin…

So you’ve decided it’s time to think about a new Kitchen. Where do you even START?!

You know where your current Kitchen is and isn’t working. But … then what?

We’re here to help. With our new 1hr Consultations, you get to meet with a REAL LIVE Kitchen Designer to get you on track. Our Lead Designer, Alison Kent, will Zoom/Facetime/Google Meet with you to discuss your project in as much detail as possible within that hour, and leave you with an email quote for further help should you need/want it. It’s as easy as that.

kitchen designed by the home kitchen to book 1hr kitchen design consultation for your dream kitchen
designed by the Home Kitchen

WHY go with a virtual Design Consultation?!

Because sometimes the world wide web and all the resources you can google just can’t see directly into YOUR unique project. Whether you need a bit of specific insight or overarching advice on the process, we can help set your mind at ease.

  • Overview on Kitchen Design and what to expect through to Construction
  • A fresh set of eyes on a tricky Layout puzzle
  • Advice on Appliances and how to work with sales staff
  • Narrowing down options for the best finishes
  • A few fresh ideas you may not have known were possible!

What do you need most to get you started?
It might be any one of those, something on your mind you’re not sure of, or perhaps you just want an introduction before committing to a full service package.

designed by the Home Kitchen for SwitchDoor Cabinets

Full Service

With decades of experience in Architecture & Interiors and a passionate Cook herself, Alison Kent is well-equipped to help you far beyond the 1hr Consultation on an as-needed basis. Why ‘as-needed’? She’s found over time that needs assessed at the beginning of a project tend to evolve. As your dream Kitchen starts to take shape, you can choose what you most need to turn it into a reality!

  • Multiple Layout options (some spaces are trickier than others!)
  • CAD drawings from Layouts to Permits
  • Kitchen Design in principle to hand over to your Interior Designer for finishes
  • 3D’s to sort out spatial complications or color options
  • Appliance selections
  • Finishes selections
  • Full lighting / electrical / plumbing plans
  • Details on complicated cabinetry or ceiling details
  • Review of Contractor quotes
  • Full virtual assistance through Construction
Example of Finishes Options based on Client Inspirational objects
Example of 3D used to finalize layout and cabinetry locations

Open Assumptions

Many past Clients have come into designing their new Kitchen based on their experience with their old one, or based on what friends have told them ‘is best’. While it’s great to collect all of this information, don’t be limited by it!

Sure “X” is a great Appliance brand – for ONE thing. They may not do everything well, so be open to options.
Do you think Cabinetry always has to be stuck in one place? Guess what – it DOESN’T!
Have you ever considered a 30″ deep countertop? It’s far more effective for workspace AND storage, if you have the space. (And guess what – it’s amazing for linear Condo renovations!)
Can a space be seating OR serving OR a throughway OR a Chef’s table? Possibly!

YES have a list of what you like, need, want.
But also be open to some of your assumptions being challenged because beautiful things might happen when you do!

Example of quick feedback given in a 1hr Consultation
Example of exploratory Layout Options, each with Pro’s/Con’s
(Final Layout was a combination of ideas)

Passion for Space & Food

If you’re as passionate about your work in the Kitchen as Alison is, you’ll work wonderfully together. Don’t miss her upcoming talk on ‘Kitchen Design for the Home Chef’ at the Interior Design Show!
You can also check out other videos on her YouTube, her features on various websites, and her guest spots on the Northwest Culinary Podcast.

Let’s get your Kitchen working FOR YOU!

Head to the signup for the 1hr Consultation – we’ll meet you there!


It helps you get the most out of your 1hr Consultation session if you are prepared!

Have as much information ready as you possible:

Existing floor plans
Inspirational Photos/Objects
Needs/Wants list
Existing-to-keep Items
Cooking/Entertaining Habits
Anything else you think of!

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