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My passion is to help you get the most out of your Kitchen space, and to make sure every inch is working FOR your cooking style.
– Alison Kent, Designer

the Well-Designed Home Kitchen


Your movement in the Kitchen should be like a well-composed dance – purposeful, efficient, and without distraction


Well beyond a few cupboards or the Fridge, storage includes your pantry goods, small appliances, fresh/frozens & more


Did you know that about 80% of your time in the Kitchen is in ‘mis-en-place’? Properly placed counters are crucial for Prep


Lighting is critical to a safe and positive working environment. It needs to be as well-situated and thoughtful as the power & outlets.


Forget almost everything you knew about the ‘Kitchen Triangle’. For movement, work with a radial energy from the main Prep/Work space.


The right finishing touches bring your perfect dream Kitchen to completion, from Pulls to Paints – with safety and maintenance in mind.


Most serious Cooks – especially Chefs at Home – have a few particular needs that require really creative, out-of-the-box solutions


Countertops, backsplashes & even your flooring contribute greatly to your success, comfort and safety in the working Kitchen


Beyond everyday cooking, what do you love to do? Are you a passionate bread maker? A pasta expert? Into Fermentation? Design for it

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Our Online Resources and Virtual 1hr Consultations are for you if:
– You’re wondering where to start and just need some advice
– You need help assessing the best Appliances or Finishes for your cooking style
– You’d like to design and build yourself, but wish you had a Design Pro on call when you need it
– You have a tricky space that needs an extra set of eyes to help solve
– You’re a PRO in the Kitchen and want to approach design from a Chef’s point of view
– You’re really craving unique solutions for your favorite space

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