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Photo of new custom renovated kitchen planner design designer renovation with grey white marble countertops quartz counters grey custom cabinets cabinetry with IKEA cabinets with bronze brass champagne gold decorative cabinet hardware pulls and professional pro appliances with fresh market vegetables and wood chopping block for prep mis en place cooking at home by a home cook chef
Time spent in the heart of your home is most enjoyable when your kitchen itself is working WITH you, as a composed, purposeful dance within your space.

We’re excited to join you on the journey to compose the best Kitchen design, layout & appliances to provide efficient movement in time with the space. Each of us has their own dance…

Kitchen design for people who ACTUALLY cook can look a bit different. Space, layout and appliance/finish selections are critically important to maintaining a rhythm and for safety and efficiency. Taking cues from well-planned Commercial Kitchens can help us understand our beloved spaces at Home all the better.

Full Design Services

the Home Kitchen creates complete custom Kitchen Designs that are beautiful AND functional. From your own ideas and inspirations all the way through to Construction-ready drawings, Alison is on hand to walk you through the entire process.

photo of kitchen design designer professional services new renovated custom kitchens for home cooks chefs featuring initial consultations consults layout layouts options design inspiration ideas 3D sketches sketchUP CAD drawings details collaborations millwork construction


Not sure where to start? Have a tricky space and just need an hour of feedback?
the Home Kitchen’s 1hr Consultations (which include a second hour of putting final thoughts to paper) with our Designer, Alison Kent, could be the perfect solution for you.

photo of consultation kitchen design designer custom new renovations renos for restaurants cooking schools designers architects chefs at home inspiration appliance selections layout options problem solving virtual design consult consultation measurements photos details
photo virtual design services for kitchen design designer consults consultations by zoom google meet facetime design pro professional services kitchens
photo of dining table outside by Alison Kent founder designer kitchen design professional with lavender and soft blue wave pattern custom textiles for the Kitchen

Virtual Design

Tips on Kitchen Design, working with Virtual Design, & how I can help!

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photo of Alison Kent in her old pre renovation reno Kitchen that was being designed temporary countertops and cabinet colors while new space layout being designed


Loads of posts, videos & more to browse while considering your dream Kitchen

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photo of dining table at Alison Kent the Home Kitchen designer setting for dinner entertaining guests hosting host


Every Kitchen is unique to every Home Cook – especially for a serious one!

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