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An item you have your eye on is out of stock? Message me and I’ll let you know when it’s back! In order to avoid commercial wastage, storage fees or overstock, I keep the shop items to a minimum. When it runs low, I have more made and sometimes that can take a week or two since they are all artisan-crafted. But personally I feel better about that than having too much of anything and seeing product end up in the landfills!


All prices are proudly quoted in Canadian Dollars (CAD).


I currently ship anywhere in Canada and USA. Expect 2-4 weeks delivery. Special order items may take 6-8 weeks.


You may cancel an item purchased BEFORE SHIPPING at no charge.


I’m here to make your life EASIER, not harder, and that goes for returning items, too. While I genuinely hope it never comes to that, if your item arrived defective LET ME KNOW! I’ll have any NEW and un-used items WITH original packaging shipped back for an exchange, or if you prefer, a full refund. Kindly send details and a photo of the defect within 30 days of purchase and I’ll set it all up!


I do my absolute best to ensure all information on this site is up to date and accurate. If I see a discrepancy I do my best to correct it as quickly as possible. However, mistakes can happen. If your order doesn’t reflect what was represented on my site, message me RIGHT AWAY and I’ll do my best to amend the situation.


By placing an order with alison kent HOME KITCHEN, you are committing to purchasing a product for the amount shown, under the conditions above. If you have any concerns, kindly message me.