kitchen DESIGN | the HOME KITCHEN Reno Reveal!!

I cannot BELIEVE it!! It’s the BIG REVEAL for the Home Kitchen design & completion!

alison kent the home kitchen watercolor painting of thyme leaf branches

Six LONG Months Later …

Was it REALLY?!
Now that it’s done, it feels like just a week ago we were demolishing our 17-yr old Kitchen…

Somewhat anti-climatically, the final touches were drowned in stressful missed deadlines and last-minute installs. Baseboards were put in place just moments before video cameras were turned live. I spent most of that last morning drugged up in a dental chair, arriving back home a mere minute or two before having the cameras turned on me. Friendly faces picked me up, held me vertical, and put clothes on my back just in time for the photographer to next arrive. A photographer who somehow convinced me this was the right state to be in for balancing on a stack of pots and pans! It’s a blurry ending to such a long process, but an ultimately happy one.

the ‘Before’

I’m slightly embarrassed now to even show this ‘pre-Reno’ photo… But we gotta start somewhere!

Once we knew we were ‘one day’ going to Reno, I painted (meaning Hubby painted) all the base cabinets grey to ‘test it out’, and the Island dark brown Granite was painted to a light marble finish. We moved kids around and was able to open up the (faux) wall to the far left, enabling us to see if we were ok with closing off the throughway for a MUCH longer Island (we were!!). We even topped the tile floor (that I had cut and laid myself while 7 months pregnant with the Food Dude!) and the adjoining original Oak hardwood with a vinyl lay-down.

So while this was the FIRST Reno’s look, it wasn’t quite the immediate ‘Before’. But, still… So happy with the AFTER!!


You can check out some of the things I loved – and didn’t love – about this old Kitchen, and what I was hoping to explore with the new Kitchen.

a Story of Belonging

If you’ve been reading along with my (about to be massively updated, now that the Kitchen is done) journey of finding my place in the Kitchen in ‘a Story of Belonging‘, you’ll know – or soon will – that the old Kitchen did a fine tour of duty. From my entry into official motherhood feeding a quickly growing family, to hosting parties of 65+, to thousands of simple everyday gatherings, the old girl was WORN.

Knowing the inevitable was looming, I geared our minds and pocketbooks to the next phase of serving food as my biggest love language. With the kids growing, ‘the Kid’ taking over half of my Kitchen, and focusing more on eating together over going out since COVID, what did that mean for the space we had available?

Revisions reigned supreme, and because I was on my own timeline, contracting the work myself, I had the luxury of time to get it *just right*. Too bad I didn’t also have the luxury of patience…

SO, what are we waiting for??!!! >>>

et, VOILA!!!

alison kent the home kitchen blog new kitchen reveal view of range with artwork backsplash and open shelving
Photgraphy : Tracey Ayton

I actually can’t even believe it myself!
Especially looking back at the ‘before’ – what a difference!!
Open, airy, functional, inspiring… Residential feel with a number of Commercial efficiency…
And she’s JUST.SO.PRETTY!!!

Photgraphy : Tracey Ayton

a COOK’s Kitchen

My over-arching design priority in the new design were to make a Kitchen FOR A COOK. A Kitchen that is efficient for someone who will be spending the time and doesn’t want to waste any energy. If I have to take two steps where one should do, it’s not working. If I have to open a door or drawer to grab something fast while I’m at the stove, or something I use ALL.THE.TIME, it’s not working.

Long fascinated with Commercial sensibilities and Residential warmth, my aim for the new Kitchen was to hybrid these as effectively as possible. SO – what are we waiting for??! Let’s GO IN!

Photgraphy : Tracey Ayton
Photgraphy : Tracey Ayton

And, that’s not all …

More photos / reveals AND VIDEOS to come!
My friends at SwitchDoor Cabinetry created this mini-video of the NEW KITCHEN as a preview.

Looking forward to your own New Kitchen?

Let’s chat!
I’d love to help you out!

Since leaving the world of Architecture for Kitchen Design, I’ve been working on a number of current projects I can’t wait to show you. For now, this ONE – and previous projects – will have to do.

Visit the ‘compose’ page for more info leading to YOUR best composed future space.

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alison kent HOME KITCHEN thyme watercolor border graphic artwork

Introducing : the VILLAGE

I took on the General Coordination myself on this one, for better or worse. Too many parts were ‘DIY’d’ (budgets!!!) where I would LOVE to have had a professional hand, but when I absolutely NEEDED a Pro?! This awesome crew were ON.IT! Meet the amazing Village that saw through my every design inspiration.

You’ll recognize some of this crew from Instagram Lives the past six months! In case you missed any, I’ve linked them here.

I owe numerous Dinners of Gratitude ahead!

APPLIANCES * Midland Appliance

RANGE (customized) * Caliber Appliance

CABINETRY * SwitchDoor Cabinetry & IKEA Canada


COUNTERTOPS * Home Smart Building Supply
HOOD FAN COVER * Thistle Millwork Design
CABINET HARDWARE * Cantu Bathrooms / Richelieu Hardware
HONORABLE MENTIONS * #handymangary #stuarttheman #eljefecheffong

What an amazing crew!!

alison kent HOME KITCHEN thyme watercolor border graphic artwork
Photgraphy : Tracey Ayton

And, my ‘Every Design Inspiration’?

Well, stay tuned!
I’ll be going detail-by-detail on the hi-lights of this Kitchen and what makes it unique.

For now, just enjoy 🙂

alison kent HOME KITCHEN thyme watercolor border graphic artwork