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Grab a cup of tea or glass of wine, pull up a chair and join me in the kitchen! Read through as I muse on about cooking & entertaining tips, and all things Kitchen.

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Kitchen Notebook

Welcome to my musings about all things kitchen, check in on what I’ve been cooking or grab some hot tips for entertaining

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Quick Tip Videos

Want to see some of my favourite cooking and entertaining tips in ACTION?! Yeah you do 🙂

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Story of Belonging

Well if we’re going to get to know each other, someone has to start! This is my story of finding a place of belonging in the kitchen

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the Kitchen Notebook

The full meal deal!
ALLLL the musings about alllll the things Kitchen, just for YOU!

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I love to use both traditional recipes and ‘recipe-free’ recipes, making some things up as I go and sometimes following the true Pro’s that go before me! Click on the image below to browse the Recipe section here >

Do you have something you’d love to learn? Let me know. Maybe we can work on it together!

PRO tips

Quick snippets to help me be more efficient with my time + energy in the Kitchen? YAAAS, please! I’ve taken DOZENS of classes both in person and online, and with a decade or two behind me in the Kitchen, I’ve picked up a few along the way.

You’ll find PRO tips woven throughout a lot of posts, but the main ones are linked <here> or on the YOUTUBE Channel!

today’s Kitchen

Most days you’ll find me puttering about the Kitchen, trying new recipes, fermenting, canning, dehydrating, prepping for dinners, and, really, just exploring what food can do.

With anywhere from 4 to 8 – to 60! – mouths to feed on a pretty daily basis, it’s easy to get bored with ‘the usual repertoire’.

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