tuesdays for tea | 21.03.09

A monthly chat over a cuppa tea! So, what’s new with you??

alison kent HOME KITCHEN thyme watercolor border graphic artwork

A week late, but never too late. Things are just crazy around here this past week!


How’s things with you?!

I’ve been substituting SOME of my evening wine drinking with teas, so here’s this evenings tea, a simple decaf Vanilla Chai >

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It’s still hard to find anything around here, I’m afraid.

Next up in the Kitchen Reno is ONE BIT OF COUNTERTOP to come in the next week!!!
I’ve never been so excited for anything in my life – finally, a counter to work on – and it’ll be BESIDE my new Range!

After that, it’s another week or two before my custom cabinet bits, custom door/drawer fronts and the Installer show up with their truckload of goodness.

I’ve updated the ‘alisons KITCHEN reno’ page!! Take a look!

It’s been taking FOREVER, but on the other hand time is flying.
Kids are about to be off for Spring Break, which will also coincidentally align with our 1-yr anniversary of Quarantine/Covid/Pandemic Life. *sigh*. On that goes…
I’m finishing up a few jobs on the Architecture side before I leave for-ev-er to design Kitchens – of which I have 4-6 already on the books that I’m working on already. I cannot WAIT to share before/after photos!

On the EXCITING NEWS SIDE, though, I’ve pressed ‘publish’ on my first two eBooks!!!!!!!!!
I now have TWO Workbooks available to help you with all your kitchen design / eDesign needs.

Accurately Measuring + Assessing Your Space

Choosing the Perfect Appliances

Download Informative Kitchen Design eBooks HERE!

* indicates required

I genuinely hope they’re informative and helpful in working towards you getting the best possible kitchen design FOR YOU, filling every need and dream you might have. And, stay tuned! There are about 16 eBook Workbooks in the works to publish over the coming months/years.

Next to that, there’s a heavy IGTV / Instagram Live schedule happening (with the odd week off!) with a wide variety of topics that I’m excited to host and share. This past Monday I chatted with Stong’s Market about the variety of local produce, farm-fresh and packaged foods that are available now. You can officially support your local grocer, the local little league team, AND your local restaurants all in one purchase – how amazing is that?! Catch it below >

In the next few weeks I’ll be chatting with:

AND more to come before I break over summer.

Finally, not to be outdone by my own dang self, I have not ONE, but TWO new artisan-crafted kitchen wares coming out …


As usual, the VIP Table (email list) got first peek a few days ago – and first dibs on stock/orders – which they’ve been taking full advantage of! (THANKS, VIP TABLE!!). You don’t want to miss these offers. To avoid excessive over-stock and wastage that just isn’t a very sustainable practice overall in the product industry, I keep initial product orders to a minimum and re-stock as needed – which means, if you’re not in the front you might have to wait.

Oh, but even then, it’s all worth the wait!

So, from my crazy Kitchen to yours, happy Tuesday and cheers to the rest of the week ahead!

XO, ak.

alison kent HOME KITCHEN thyme watercolor border graphic artwork