Introducing | New Garden Markers!

Just in time for gardening season, I’m excited to finally share my newest wares with you – Stainless Steel Garden Markers!!

alison kent the home kitchen watercolor painting of thyme leaf branches
alison kent the home kitchen banner for new garden markers in stainless steel shown placed throughout buckets of herbs

These GORGEOUS Garden Markers are heeeeeeeere!
Beautifully reflective of the green herbs, the blue skies above, or even the warm, golden setting sunshine.
Resilient, long-lasting brushed Stainless Steel.
Original artwork of each herb – sold individually as BASIL, THYME, MINT, ROSEMARY, CHIVES or OREGANO.

Add a touch of joy to your Garden!
These Markers will stand tall amongst your precious Herbs, encouraging them along their way to grow TALL.
Perfect for all the ‘Garden Plant Lady’s’ in your life! Or, just for you.

I’m so happy to have these out for you all!!!
I cannot WAIT now for my own Herbs to grow so I can use them all! I mean, these are my favorite culinary herbs!! You’ll be seeing posts of these from my garden ALL.SEASON.LONG. haha. Sorry, not sorry.

Grab’em while you can, too!