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The essence of modern = simplicity, clean, defined, precise.
The essence of vintage = storied, slightly damaged/chipped.
Seemingly at odds… So how do we best mix these two styles in our own Homes + Kitchens?

I have a vivid memory of biking through the rivered Dordogne region of Southern France, past all the old, white-stone houses set in lavender and poppy fields. Or, old is so I thought… At one point a house was being built new – in the old style. We were lucky to go through one, owned by a local artist, and I was shocked to see how minimalist and modern and old and vintage and monochrome and colorful it was – ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

Interior shot from an Airbnb in Southern France I recently booked!

That visual has never left me, and I dare say even began to form a life-long journey of weaving both vintage and the new within myself and my own surroundings. The French really do mix these two styles the best IMHO!

Most of the ‘vintage’ I buy is dishware and kitchen accessories. I also happen to design and oversee manufacture of new home and kitchen wares. How do I see these all coming together?

I love incorporating a nod to classic or antiqued iconography into my newly developed products, such as a doily-inspired Thyme print from original watercolor work lasered into the edging of my acrylic Food Mats, for example. And I look for such touches in objects I purchase as well.

Vintage Limoges dishware, complimented by our Thyme print Food Mats and
other – mostly vintage – bits!

I also tend towards quite clean-edged vintage when hunting, for the most part. My MANY many vessels of milk-glass don’t have any fuss about them. They fit well within any style of decor. It also makes them great gifts – versatile enough for anyone’s home. This approach is very modern and minimalist, while being of itself vintage.

Vintage cutlery and linens mixed with modern Food Mats and dishware

Bits like these can be found throughout my own Home + Kitchen, and I think it makes our surroundings here all the richer for it! Mixing storied pieces with new ones waiting for their story layers our lives whether a simple dinner party, or lounging on our sofa. When the imperfect meets the perfected, so a little bit do our souls.