COOKBOOK | A Rising Tide : A Signed Cookbook of Recipes and Stories from Canada’s Atlantic Coast

“In worlds where phrases like ‘wild’ and ‘elevated’ somehow make their magical peace with one another, I already know this book is a treasure that will be at home on my counter, with its inevitable lovingly worn binding, and strawberry-stained pages, for years to come.” ALISON KENT, a review of ‘A Rising Tide’ by DL Acken & Emily Lycopolus

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PINCH BOWLS | Ceramic Kitchen Pinch Bowls

Gold Rim Ceramic Kitchen Pinch Bowls to be hand-washed only, due to the nature of the metallic trim.
Natural Ceramic Kitchen Pinch Bowls may go in the dishwasher, however hand washing is recommended for maximum life span.

Need this item but finding it out of stock? Message me and I’ll keep you posted when they’re back!
Pinch Bowls are hand-crafted by local artisans, and may have some slight ‘perfectly unique’ imperfections – I think it’s what makes them beautiful!

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