Online World Wine Days with Good Wine Gal

Ready to ramp up your Wine Knowledge? Join myself and Good Wine Gal as we Zoom through Online World Wine Days in 2022!

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World Wine Days

Whether you’re a beginner to the world of Wine, like myself, or a seasoned Pro, like Barb Wild of Good Wine Gal, Online World Wine Days are a great way to bump up your Wine knowledge for 2022!

Through any Social Media App, you can follow or search for Hashtags. Word groups that begin with ‘#’ are searchable, even on Google. They don’t call it the ‘WORLD wide web’ for nothing haha. The best part is that for one day every year, the world of Wine celebrates a particular grape or blend – and it’s FREE!

There are also Wine hashtags you can follow all year long, such as :

  • #winelife
  • #worldwineday
  • #wineeducation
  • #winetasting

Following online tags is a great way to be introduced to new regions, grapes, wineries or vintages you might not be familiar with. Listening to or joining in the conversations helps new & Pro Wine lovers alike to navigate this vast, delicious world.

Join Us!

Barb & I have put a 2022 World Wine Days Calendar together for you to follow along with any – or all – dates that interest you! Personally I can’t wait to learn more about Malbec, Riesling, Orange Wines and Chianti this year – it’s sure to all be wonderful.

To help us all along (including me LOL), Good Wine Gal Barb and I have compiled a comprehensive list of month-by-month World Wine Dates AND …

Good Wine Gal
Barb Wild
is hosting 12 World Wine
Days on ZOOM!

Enter Email below for the PDF of dates & links to the Wine Day Zooms!

The full Calendar PDF is packed full of tips, dates (both on our Zooms and online), and other helpful info, so be sure to get the download – in the meantime, here’s a summary of links for Zoom :

1 February – International Furmint Day – #FurmintDay 

18 February – Global Drink Wine Day – #DrinkWineDay 

13 March – International Riesling Day – #RieslingDay 

17 April – World Malbec Day – #WorldMalbecDay

7 May – Intl Sauvignon Blanc Day – #SauvignonBlancDay 

11 June – National Rosé Day – #RoséDay 

22 July – Shiraz Day – #ShirazDay 

13 August – International Prosecco Day – #ProseccoDay 

2 September – National Chianti Day – #ChiantiDay 

6 October – Orange Wine Day – #OrangeWineDay 

7 November – International Merlot Day – #InternationalMerlotDay

4 December – International Cabernet Franc Day – #CabernetFrancDay

alison kent the home kitchen watercolor painting of thyme leaf branches

YouTube Us!

Barb & I do love to chat about Wine. Our introduction to World Wine Days will be up shortly, but in the meantime you can start your 2022 journey by watching some of the YouTube IGTV Videos we’ve done over the past year – CHEERS!