tuesdays for tea | 21.02.02

A monthly chat over a cuppa tea! So, what’s new with you??

alison kent HOME KITCHEN thyme watercolor border graphic artwork

I had a ‘Mom Blog’ AGES ago – having left it now almost 12 years – and every Tuesday I would just post whatever was on my mind. Musings. Thoughts. Conversations. And yes – TWO-way conversations! I had a pack of faithful followers and we would regularly comment on each others most recent posts. Not to ‘gain more followers’, but because we genuinely had things in common and found each other INTERESTING. Imagine! It was my favorite post of the week. That site still gets bazillions of hits for some reason, but while my lifestyle as my kids have grown has evolved my love of chats with friends hasn’t wavered. Why not bring it back?!

THIS site broke TWO THOUSAND visits yesterday! In ONE FREAKIN DAY!


Thank you all so very much for hanging out with me. I officially went LIVE here a mere 5 months ago, and I’m loving this space. It’s my online HOME, truly.

So, anyhow, I’m bringing back Tuesdays for Tea. And on that note, I’m drinking a lovely Mariage Frères I packed back straight from the shop in Paris. The Marco Polo is my FAVE tea of all time.

alison kent HOME KITCHEN mariage freres tea tuesdays for tea

These teas need some dusting, no?!

The house is in COMPLETE DISARRAY! Living in a Renovation is decidedly NOT something I would recommend to anyone, but leaving Architecture for Kitchen Design, I truly wanted to live every moment of this Reno and learn as much as humanly possible. I’m learning, first and foremost, to invest in a good Contractor LOL. General managing yourself is … well, a project that will take twice as long as necessary. But that’s ok for me.

I just wish I could really dig in to my gorgeous new Stove…!!

Current state? Everything is decided. Drawings have been drawn and re-drawn. Details have been laboured over. And trades are ‘on order’. And they’ll surely show up sometime… In the next month… Or so… *sigh*. Also I’ve learned recently that my Fridge is coming off a ship somewhere, since it’s an original model, delayed now until the end of April. Or so…

I’m taking a deep breath, sipping some calming tea, and buckling in for the long 3 months ahead. Which should actually align perfectly with when I can actually have (small) dinner parties again, so not too bad, I suppose!

And in the meantime, I’m THRILLED to be designing some of YOUR Kitchens through my new e-design services!!! Let’s do it! I think we’re all realizing a bit of a lifestyle re-set, and centering our lives back on HOME – specifically around the Home Kitchen. AMIRIGHT? I know I needed a bit of a realignment.

So, from my (messy, destructed) Kitchen to yours, happy Tuesday and cheers to the week ahead!

XO, ak.

alison kent HOME KITCHEN thyme watercolor border graphic artwork