the tea tuesdays | 21.05.11

Some days I just feel like catching up with you all on what’s new, all casual like over a cuppa tea. Let me know whats new with YOU in the comments!

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the ‘backend’ – fixing up website glitches, cleaning up content, adding photos and generally trying to make this space as navigatible as possible so you can get the most out of it! I hope it’s helped. BUT, I’m excited to scoop on other things that have been happening, too!!

alison’s KITCHEN reno

WELL. What can I say about the Kitchen Reno… It feels like every week telling myself it’s ALMOST DONE! And then, another delay … someone needs to do their part another day – today won’t work … a part is missing, I’ll have to come back … I’ll have to measure it first (again) …

Meanwhile, the Photographer OF COURSE had to re-book EARLIER!
Such is life.
I try not to stress – the Kitchen has been useful with the (finally treated) gorgeous marble Island countertop, the beautiful Caliber Range is proving it’s worth over and over, and today I got my Hood Fan cover installed (to be painted tonight!) AND the special piece for the Range backsplash is done and in final treatment!!!


Coming soon!! Although if you’ve been watching, you’ve seen the precious new items hiding in plain sight here and there 😉

I’m so excited to be launching a NEW FAVE this Friday, so stay tuned!
In the meantime, SHOP the rest of our self-designed, artisan-crafted wares – great additions to your tables and Kitchens!

Kitchen e-Design

I’m HONORED to be working on about 6-8 Kitchens via e-Design with eager-to-cook Clients! Who knew this side of the business would be so needed in this time and age, but I’m genuinely excited to help each and every Client work out the best possible use of the space they have available through layout options, helpful suggestions, prompts to think out of the box here and there, and appliance advice.

Since I joined the Clubhouse App, I’ve been talking in various rooms about Kitchen design and some of the thoughts I have, as well as continually learning from others.

If you have a Kitchen Reno coming up and just want an hour of advice, or some layouts, send me a message – I’m happy to help!

Mother’s Day

The sunshine and warm weather picked up here for a day or two, and I was able to sit and enjoy a gorgeous brunch in the garden with 3 of my kids here and 1 via Facetime. So many flowers had bloomed – Lilacs, Magnolias, Chive Flowers, Rhodo’s – that I took the opportunity to add them all to the table setting. The kids put together an incredible ‘High Tea’ experience for me!

How was your Mother’s Day?! I realize for some it’s a painful reminder – I raise a glass to you making it through the day.

Then we all played a rousing game of SpikeBall in the yard, and I became well aware of how out of shape / coordination I’ve become… Time to get my butt in gear! Especially if I’m going to be cooking loads of yummies soon and all summer! My boys only have about 6 weeks left of school, so I booked a few days of camping when they finish. LORD HELP ME as it’ll just be me & them two for the first 2 days! But the Kid and I love to cook – and sometimes even together – so at least there will still be good food!!

the Bookshelf

Instagram LIVE’s are still on FIRE, and recently I had a few interviews with Danielle Acken & Emily Lycopolus, who are the Author/Photographers (along with stylist Aurelia Louvet – all of Eat Creative) of 8 Cookbooks – the most recent a storyland of recipes and imagery, ‘A Rising Tide’.

The book is both coffee table gorgeousness AND an incredible collection of manageable recipes – AND YOU CAN PURCHASE THEM off my new BookShelf! I’ll be hosting a VERY curated selection of my faves here, both direct and affiliate if I can’t find them direct AND SIGNED. Stay tuned!!

Rosé All May!

Have you been keeping up with my 5-week post Series on ‘Rosé All May’ with Good Wine Gal, Barb Wild?! It’s been an adventure! Each week I have a favorite, and we’re taste testing about 18 bottles – along with other recommendations from fans and friends.

Hopefully we’ll introduce you to some new finds that you can enjoy all summer long!

AND, that’s about it for this month!

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