Kitchen e-Design 1hr VIrtual Consult



Just need some quick feedback? Help solving a nagging problem area? A piece of advice?
Sometimes a sounding board is all you require in composing your dream Kitchen.

With a 1hr Virtual Consult, we can chat about the problem you most need to solve in your own Kitchen design.

– Email your details including any photos, measurements, plan layouts, etc.
– We’ll schedule a 45-min Google Meet (or whatever works best for you)
– In our discussion, we will chat about your biggest design issue and figure out ways to potentially solve it
– If there’s something I can’t answer in the moment or have to look up, I’ll reply in a follow up email

Need more than one hour?
We can always book a follow-up, or add on a second service (with credit for the 1hr Consult).

I’m here to help you in any way I can to compose the best Kitchen dance for your space!