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A dive into the Northwest Culinary Academy, the Northwest Method, and the Express Podcast!

alison kent the home kitchen watercolor painting of thyme leaf branches

Northwest Culinary Academy

For those who don’t know, I’ve been dipping my toes in and out of the Northwest Culinary Academy over the past – FOUR?! – years now, and always absolutely love it. I’ve long dreamt of doing the full time Chef’s program – just to cook at home (*sigh* – one day!). But, alas, time … So instead I just keep popping my head back in now & again to learn a few new skills.

The focus is on just that – SKILLS – versus idly following recipes. While recipes are often used, the why, how, what, when etc is explained so well that you can carry that element, food, technique into any other dish or combination of flavors. And you KNOW I’m that student that always takes the seat at the front of class, writes every word uttered into my notes – WITH DIAGRAMS, PEOPLE!, and changes into the Kitchen Croc’s. Yep. I’m that student.

a beautiful plated dessert with many elements by the Home Kitchen Alison Kent home cook taught by Northwest CUlinary Academy Cooking School

I’ve never been a dessert person, but these desert components were so well-taught I love impressing guests – when I’m not over-absorbed into the main meal prep! A pretty presentation like this is perfect for Brunches or Girls Nights In. How’d I do, Chefs??!

the Northwest Method

As an expansion on the NWCAV curriculum, they’ve recently added ‘the Northwest Method‘ program. Looking to brush up on some skills, or wondering if the Kitchen is the place for you? You can work through the Northwest Method online program and downloadable manual on your own time, in your own way. It includes explanations, sketches and even videos, and there is so much educational content I’ve been going back to it again and again.

Finished the Fundamentals 101? They’re constantly creating more learning content, with Fundamentals 201, and region-based Fundamentals (all coming soon). There’s no end – it’s a life-long love of learning in the Kitchen. And yes, I do love it!

the Northwest Method EXPRESS

What does the crew at Northwest NOT do?!! They also have a peppy 15-20m bite-sized Podcast found on the Spotify or Podcast Apps! And GUESS WHO WAS A GUEST RECENTLY?! Yep, me. I loved chatting with Chef Jonathan and Chef Tony about something MANY of their students ask about – Kitchen Design – and I can’t wait to chat again. The world of Food & Beverage is seriously limitless!

The Podcast sound bites aren’t just chatter – they’re FULL of the knowledge and helpful tips and tricks that only decades of experience can provide (their experience, not mine LOL!).

alison kent the home kitchen watercolor painting of thyme leaf branches

Northwest + the Home Kitchen

Wherever you are on your culinary journey, Northwest is a great way to get support & guidance. I’m a curious soul, so will always be learning, digging deeper and deeper into the world of food and flavor. You can give our Instagram LIVE a listen here >

Your Journey

While the internet holds a vast amount of information about food & cooking, it really does help to have someone guide you through it all. A local cooking school such as Northwest Culinary Academy can be the biggest tool in your kit – a valued resource. The hours spent scouring the web for things that may or may not be correct, or missing technical elements, or void of detailed explanation (WHY am I adding a fat NOW? WHAT types of fat would work? HOW do they work?) can sometimes be better spent taking a class or online course that digs into it all.

Good luck!
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