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Hang out with myself and Meme Brooks of Meme Brooks Design on Kitchen Design + Dining Decor, purposeful design and working with what you have!

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Meme Brooks is a Vancouver-based Interior Designer that also specialized in Home Staging in her own company, Meme Brooks Design. Her eye for solution-based design that centers on the individual Client is what makes her so desirable to work with. That and her mean cocktail skills haha!

Here are her top Interior Designer PRO tips!

Interior Designer
PRO tips

– start with what can’t be changed, i.e. structural posts, existing space

– be prepared to give your Designer one thing you love as a starting point for the best results

– embrace inspiration from your own life and travels (vs Pinterest/Instagram)

– if you want to gut the house, wait until Hubby goes on a trip 😉 Just Kidding

– ‘guest-only’ entrances don’t necessarily need big closets. a place for shoes and a few hooks will do!

– doing a flat-panel Upper Cabinet? try extending the whole front panel down slightly to avoid pulls

– when doing mosaics or dealing with variation in tiles, be sure to lay it out piece by piece first

– ask a hardware PRO for the best solutions to all kinds of tricky spaces, like corner cabinets

– stuck on too many mixed metals? try a colored granite sink! PRO tip – granite also doesn’t scratch!

Meme Brooks

I introduced some of the main elements in my new DIning Room Renovation with Meme and our viewers, including these tips below.

You can also find THE whole magical Dining Room REVEAL over HERE.

PRO tips

– if the Kitchen is your creative space, be creative with the design, too!

– glass works when you WANT to show off collections. for day-to-day closed cabinets work better to hide clutter

– try wallpapering the back face of your glass cabinets to add an extra layer!

– you’ll be more creative in your tablesettings if you can quickly see all your options

– Thrift Stores are still a great place to find table wares! also Antique Markets and online vendors

– open shelving works best for items you’ll use every day along with a few pieces that inspire you. otherwise, they just collect dust – go with covered storage!

– go ahead and mix decal, faux and real in our decor – why not? there is NOT just one way to set your decor vibes!

– use wipeable table protectors, like our Food Mats, to help keep your tablecloth cleaner from cutlery and glassware

– Food Tables have a TON of usefulness from creating levels of food and access to condiments to holding some pretty things in a centrepiece

– if you have counter near where you eat like in a Buffet or countertops, it frees up your table for gorgeous centrepieces!

Alison Kent

That’s a lot of PRO tips! Which ones inspire you?!
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