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Podcasts with Northwest Culinary Academy

Dip into these chats with Chef Jonathan and Chef Tony from the Northwest Culinary Academy on their Podcast, the Northwest Method Express over on Spotify – we discuss Kitchens for Cooks & Chefs, important Design Elements, & Inspiration.

Surrounding yourself with Inspiration
Feeling Comfortable in Your Kitchen
Designing Your Ideal Kitchen

Kitchen Designs with SwitchDoor Cabinets

I love creating Kitchen magic with SwitchDoor – a custom door/drawer front system that works with IKEA Cabinetry – here are some of our finished projects, with many more to come!

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Browse Videos helpful for your Everyday Gatherings on recipes, food, cooking, and entertaining

IG TV | Quick Tips for Cooking + Kitchens

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Browse Videos on entertaining, featuring our own artisan-crafted Kitchen wares

IG TV SERIES | Midland Appliances
Choosing the Perfect Appliances for YOUR Kitchen

Stay Tuned for our ongoing TV Series focusing on each individual Appliance for your Kitchen

IG TV SERIES | Swallow Tail
The 4 Seasons of Foraging

Join me for our next dates LIVE: May, August + October for Spring, Summer + Fall Foraging

IG TV SERIES | Good Wine Gal
Finding Your Own ‘Good Wines’

Join me for our next dates LIVE: May + June for finding ‘Good Wines’ while visiting Vineyards for Tastings, and finding ‘Good Wines’ while Traveling

IG TV | Composed Design

Have a video request? Want to Chat about anything Food Related?? Let me know!

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alison kent HOME KITCHEN design gather elevate compose home cook

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