Food Fatigue…

It’s a thing. For people who cook and eat for a living, food fatigue can be real. But you still have to eat, so what to do? Return to the classics.

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When I’m just BEAT…

I’m tired! Compounded with January ‘blah’s’, general fatigue, COVID fatigue, cooking fatigue, quarantine fatigue… Ugh. I barely care what I eat these days, but I guess I do have to eat. (‘Man cannot live by Wine alone’. That’s a saying, right??). So, what does one do? For starters, they make this a really short post, because – T I R E D !!

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And I don’t dare feel one bit bad about it. In fact, I decided to embrace a season of take-out/delivery – a chance to explore new flavors, new ethnic restaurants, new things we’ve never tried before! Through take-out and delivery, you can support local business while taking a much-needed break from your own Kitchen. Added bonus? Almost no dishes! Which, in our current construction mess, is perfect.

As the Eagles would say, Take it Easy.

Why not re-visit simple classics, like Spaghetti with <gasp> Tomato sauce from a jar?! There is a wide variety of artisanal jar sauces, and while I don’t usually shy away from regularly making my sauces from scratch, a decent jar or canned alternative once in awhile isn’t a bad thing. Don’t forget to add that Garlic-Bread-in-Foil!

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Leave your Camera behind

Not EVERY meal has to be photographed LOL! So many of mine aren’t! In a land of Instagrams, it’s easy to forget that sometimes a meal is just a meal. See? No photo, Ma!

How are YOU feeling these days??!

alison kent HOME KITCHEN thyme watercolor border graphic artwork