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Wondering what I use in MY Kitchen?!

I have a massive mix of ‘store bought’, self-made and vintage/antique wares throughout my Kitchen and Dining Room. Some – like my 8″ Wusthof Chef’s Knife – I’ve had for DECADES. I stick with things I love!

Now I’m able to share my Kitchen with you!
These are affiliate links – meaning I do get a commission when you SHOP through using these links. BUT they’re also actual beloved items in my own home that I originally paid for with my very own cold, hard cash (or was gifted by a close family member who must really love me / are the closest comparisons I could find to some of my vintage loves).

I treasure every single one of these items in MY Kitchen. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t share them with you. I would only recommend the best!

scroll dishes

scroll books

scroll knives + flatware

scroll small appliances

scroll furniture

alison kent HOME KITCHEN design gather elevate compose home cook


alison kent HOME KITCHEN design gather elevate compose home cook dinner napkins linen thyme embroidery french vintage inspired

Beautifully embroidered 100% Linen Napkins with serged edge – available in 4 colors!


alison kent HOME KITCHEN food tables nesting ceramic

This nesting duo of ‘Food Tables’ is sure to elevate anything you serve!


alison kent home kitchen acrylic gold placemats

From ‘everyday’ to GLAM!
Food Mats are perfect for protecting your tablecloth with a beautiful Thyme pattern.

alison kent HOME KITCHEN gather elevate compose thyme artwork charcoal original

All of our in-house designed, local artisan-crafted wares are thoughtfully made with care. We take quality – even with ‘perfectly imperfect’ hand crafting – seriously. And we expect the same of any products or services we promote.

If you ever have issues or problems with an affiliate or collaboration linked to us, let us know!