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I am SO excited to share my new Bookstore with you!

While the internet is a useful tool, there’s just nothing like touching the pages of a well-written, well-photographed Cookbook, sifting through stories of taste and travel while sitting on your favorite chair with a glass of wine in hand…

Ohhhhhh, yeah, baby.

I’m still an absolute sucker for a beautiful book about food. It’s a road-trip from your armchair. It’s a new technique, described and articulated through word and image. It’s holding the dream of new flavors in your hands.

My books are stained with meals made – or at the very least, attempted! Some are loosening at the binding, having endured years of exploration. All are LOVED! So I’m very excited to share some new favorites, new editions and some from my very own Kitchen with you!

First Cookbook on the Bookshelf is here! AND IT COMES SIGNED BY THE AUTHORS!!
Be one of the first to check out ‘A Rising Tide‘, out April 27, 2021.

You can also check out my review HERE.

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alison kent HOME KITCHEN design gather elevate compose home cook


alison kent HOME KITCHEN design gather elevate compose home cook dinner napkins linen thyme embroidery french vintage inspired

Beautifully embroidered 100% Linen Napkins with serged edge – available in 4 colors!


alison kent HOME KITCHEN food tables nesting ceramic

This nesting duo of ‘Food Tables’ is sure to elevate anything you serve!


alison kent home kitchen acrylic gold placemats

From ‘everyday’ to GLAM!
Food Mats are perfect for protecting your tablecloth with a beautiful Thyme pattern.

alison kent HOME KITCHEN gather elevate compose thyme artwork charcoal original

All of our in-house designed, local artisan-crafted wares are thoughtfully made with care. We take quality – even with ‘perfectly imperfect’ hand crafting – seriously. And we expect the same of any products or services we promote.

If you ever have issues or problems with an affiliate or collaboration linked to us, let us know!