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Designed personally by Alison Kent to fill needs she saw in her own Kitchen, these ‘wares’ are all locally, artisan-crafted.

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See something you liked in my Instagrams? Wonder what I use in my own Kitchen? Look no further!

alison kent the home kitchen cookbooks splayed out on the sofa ready for reading and cooking

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I LOVE a good, informative cookbook – especially one that’s focused on gorgeous food photography! Find my faves here.

alison kent the home kitchen thyme original artwork watercolor thyme leaves
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alison kent designed wares

LOVE the beautiful Kitchen wares you see in my Instagram feed? Want to Elevate your own Tablescapes? Treasure artisan-made, hand-crafted centerpieces worthy of the conversations they start? Come on in.

Let me introduce you to my personally designed, one-of-a-kind product lines.
Every piece was created with a need for something I couldn’t quite find for myself, and, well, I DO love to share!

alison kent the home kitchen banner for new garden markers in stainless steel shown placed throughout buckets of herbs
alison kent HOME KITCHEN thyme watercolor border graphic artwork

alison kent home kitchen elevated place

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