COOKBOOKS | A Rising Tide Review

‘A Rising Tide’ by DL Acken & Emily Lycopolus is a cookbook of recipes & stories from Canada’s Atlantic Coast. I was honored to receive an early copy to sift through and review!

Being a West Coast gal I haven’t ventured beyond Quebec – yet. The growing food scene on the East Coast, with their tales of rich, fresh and wild forages and finds all elegantly prepared, call to me. Dreams of avant-garde riffs on old time ingredients lure me ever closer in planning travels. Soon. But will stepping my own foot on those far off shores even compare to the adventure that is found in ‘A Rising Tide’?

For now, I’m happily settled in with this latest immersive – can I even call it a mere cookbook? – Storybook of Food by DL Acken & Emily Lycopolus. It already has me smelling the salt in the air and feeling the Atlantic breeze as I ever so slowly turn the pages.

In worlds where phrases like ‘wild’ and ‘elevated’ somehow make their magical peace with one another, I already know this book is a treasure that will be at home on my counter, with its inevitable lovingly worn binding, and strawberry-stained pages, for years to come.

I KNOW you’ll enjoy this book as well! Although I usually dog-ear my cookbooks, or poke post-its all over the place for easy back-to-it reference, there’s just no point with this one. I can already see there’s a gem on every page, and I can’t wait to get cooking! (Is my Kitchen DONE YET?!?).


I’m happy to announce that ‘A Rising Tide’ is officially the FIRST BOOK to land in my ‘Bookshelf SHOP’!
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(Not by me, don’t worry LOL – but personally autographed by the talented Authors DL Acken & Emily Lycopolus, of course!)

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