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eDesign : Why You’ll Love It

eDesign is a growing industry for virtual Design Services and the perfect option for a variety of projects when you need :

  • a quick sounding board for your ideas
  • help assessing appliance options
  • quick tips and tricks to make your space ‘sing’
  • just enough help for your needs all the way to full design services – and anything in between
  • solutions as simple or complex as you like
  • design assistance in phases, as needed
  • access to work with a Professional who knows both Design AND Cooking – and isn’t necessarily ‘in your physical area’

Is it time for a new or renovated Kitchen?
Need a layout that works for YOU, for the special way you cook, live and entertain?
Want a space that doesn’t get in the way of your unique ‘Dance Steps’ – how you move about it?

As a Designer AND an avid Home Cook, I get it.
Too many Kitchens are designed for the style or look, but not for the particular nuances of a working Kitchen – especially for people who ACTUALLY COOK.

Here you’ll find everything you need for the journey to your Dream Kitchen :

  • Design Tips & Tricks
  • Informative Videos
  • An increasingly broad Portfolio
  • Helpful Design eBooks
  • Introduction to eDesign Services


alison kent the home kitchen watercolor painting of thyme leaf branches

“Beautiful Kitchen”

We were very happy when it was done and love how it turned out!  From your design, the Contractor and all the subcontractors hard work and our vision, it is a beautiful kitchen. 


“Our favorite room in the House!”

Alison helped us through every step of the design of our new home with ease, and made the Kitchen truly the center of it all. It’s our favorite room in the house!


“Thoughtful Design”

I loved how much time and attention Alison gave to the detailed planning of our spaces, while also listening to our wishes and needs. I can’t wait to be entertaining in our new Kitchen!

Southlands Residence

alison kent the home kitchen watercolor painting of thyme leaf branches

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