And on it Goes …

I haven’t posted HERE in a bit, yet never fear – I’ve been fervently working everywhere else! So much happening, all over the place – it’s time for a catch-up.

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Busy as a little Bee…

HEY to all the NEW PEEPS here to hang out in my Kitchen these days! If you’re newer, you might be thinking ‘DANG, she doesn’t update the Notebook (blog) much…’. I DO! I promise! But the past few weeks so much has been happening behind the scenes on this space I love to share with you that, yes, the Notebook has been left wanting as of late. Between updating ALL the pages here, to designing and creating new product lines, to launching e-design, to continuing ‘a story of belonging’, to a whole new YouTube/IGTV bit, I’ve indeed been busy as a little bee!

It’s definitely time to sit and catch up. Got your glass?

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While the ‘Kitchen Notebook’ has taken a breather, so many other things have been ON THE GO!! I have been happily busy continuing to write, edit and recipe-create for ‘a story of belonging’. And thanks to Instagram LIVE I’ve been posting really well-received PRO tip videos galore! Believe me, if you had told me a few months ago that I would be a ‘TV Interviewer’, I would have laughed you right out the door. Amazing what can happen when you’re open to the possibilities of a path set before you!

alison kent home kitchen a story of belonging

a journey in life and food

I can’t even believe we’re 17 Chapters in on this journey through the past, present and looking ahead to the future! While revisiting my life and the journey I’ve taken to this place in all things food & home kitchens, I’ve also been able to re-create some of my favorite food memories through recipes. 2021 will have the story culminate in my early Sept 50th Birthday celebrations right along with all of you, my new Friends! But people who love life never really age, right?!

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let’s hear it from the PRO’s!

Honestly I can’t even remember how it started, but with a lovely culinary school in Southern France I hosted my first Instagram LIVE – and now I have the most amazing line up of professionals and passionate enthusiasts stretching all the way into 2022! Being innately curious definitely helps as I chat with Chefs, Wine Experts, Kitchen Designers, Restaurant Owners, Appliance Professionals, Cookbook Authors, Wedding Caterers, Mixologists and so much more. It’s a vast, dedicated industry, and I’m loving sharing every aspect of it with you.

Videos are regularly posted on the “Pro + IGTV Videos’ page, or on the YouTube Channel – alison kent HOME KITCHEN.

the Latest on IGTV

alison kent home kitchen elevate

THE place to shop is continuing to become even more so. Not only should you STAY TUNED for new akHK-designed wares coming SOOOOOON, but now you can also browse through and shop many of the pieces I have, use and LOVE from my own Kitchen!

alison kent home kitchen elevate shop wares

SHOP wares

Loving some of the Kitchen wares you’re seeing on Instagram?! Did you know I personally designed every HOME KITCHEN piece before sending it off to be hand-crafted by local Artisans? WELL, GUESS WHAT??!

There’s more to come!!!
I’ve been hard at work designing and working with my Makers to bring a few new treats to you in 2021! SO exciting I can hardly keep the secrets…

alison kent home kitchen shop my home shopping online

SHOP my kitchen

I’m excited to finally have set up my ‘new’ SHOP where you can now find the EXACT SAME ITEMS that I use in my own Kitchen! While this shop would technically fall under ‘affiliate marketing’, meaning I receive a few pence on any purchase run through these links, you can be assured it’s genuine. I have hand selected them all from items I originally paid for with my own cold, hard cash and have come to love in my own home. I wouldn’t promote anything I hadn’t supported with my own dollar.

Still to come – the VINTAGE shop!!! *sigh* – one day …

alison kent home kitchen compose

OHMYGOODNESS!! I’m so excited to start sharing this space more with ALL’y’ALL! Not only is the Kitchen RENO in full swing (I’m literally sitting here beside new Appliances in boxes!), but I NOW HAVE e-DESIGN AVAILABLE!! Whaaaat?!

alisons KITCHEN reno

This space is about to be updated fast and furiously!!! The BEAUTIFUL new Caliber Range is ON MY FRONT LAWN this very minute! Most of the Appliances are here, I’m making final decisions on cabinets, countertops etc and it’s all happening! If you want to watch the process as it goes, keep a close eye on this page.

I’ll also do a post at the end of all the amazing companies that I worked with to make it all happen.

alison kent home kitchen renovation kitchen new
alison kent home kitchen e-design edesign remote zoom services

e-design services

Throughout quarantine I’ve been happily helping a few people with their Kitchens, whether a simple hour of quick advice virtually, or a full set of layout options to browse, or a complete design package. These processes have helped me determine how best to help ALL OF YOU in the coming months/years, and now I’ve posted my first two e-design services!

1hr Virtual Consult | Sometimes you just need a sounding board on one particularly sticky area of your design, or just want quick feedback on a decision from a professional. THIS is the one for you!

4hr Space Planning | When you have an existing space and just want to try to figure out the most effective layout possible, with a few options to consider before laying down your big kitchen dollars, I’m here to help.


Right?! Lots of goodies all crammed into this wee little space!
I hope you enjoy it.
It’s truly my passion to encourage YOUR food + home kitchen passions in every way I can.


alison kent HOME KITCHEN thyme watercolor border graphic artwork