FOOD TABLES | Artisan-Crafted Ceramic/Wood/Marble Trays on Champagne-Gold Metal Stands

These beautiful nesting Food Trays (in 2 sizes) have been a top seller since they were first launched, and it’s no surprise.
I use them in my Kitchen and on my own Tablescapes EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!

Not only are they gorgeous, they’re incredibly practical for elevating sauces, food to share, or even candles and florals, leaving room below to spare for busy, full tables.
How will YOU use your Food Tables??

Need this item but finding it out of stock? Message me and I’ll keep you posted when they’re back!
Food Tables are hand-crafted by local artisans, and may have some slight ‘perfectly unique’ imperfections – I think it’s what makes them beautiful!

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